Conversion Problems?

Hi!  I’m Julia Eudy, a Digital Strategist.  I have over 20 years experience creating marketing campaigns, primarily using digital means; and in that time, diagnostics has always been one of my strengths.  Meaning, I can look at an ad, website, or offer, and quickly diagnose where you’re missing the mark to get the engagement or conversion you’re anticipating.

Because I’m a no-nonsense person, and value your time, I’m not going to lead you down a complicated conversion path, and simply get right to the point.

The real reason you have decent clicks but no conversions for a lead or sale is one of the following three common issues:

  1.  Your visitors don’t understand your message.
  2.  Your visitors don’t see themselves in your message.
  3.  You don’t have the appropriate diagnostic process in place to properly measure their thought process to fix 1 or 2.

So many people are still following the outdated “single-focus landing page” concept, but that’s psychologically unbalanced for how a human mind functions.

If  you simply want a fresh perspective, I encourage you to get on my schedule now and together, one-on-one, we can get this fixed so you can stop throwing your money away.

Be Blessed,

Julia Eudy
Digital Strategist