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Digital Strategy Consult

With a little advance planning, insight from a Strategist perspective makes our digital marketing objectives more profitable, faster.  This solution is a great follow-up from a 30-min Complementary Consult for Small Business Owners, Boutique Agencys, independent Digital Marketers and Web Developers.  This  session allows for one-on-one time together to focus on resolving one primary focus of your marketing efforts.  If additional time is needed for campaign or project management, a separate quote/invoice will be provided.

COST:  $145/hour

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Custom CRM Solution

Customer Relationship Management tools can be a costly venture once you begin to add users and features, but there are other, less costly options that are a perfect solution for any business, and can be customized to provide an entire, all-in-one office solution complete with CRM, Email Marketing, eSigning, Appointment Scheduling, Mobile Interface, File Storage, Invoicing, and more, all designed to return time to your day, and money to your pocket! 

COST:  Request a Demo 

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Keyword Strategy Report

Keywords play an important role in how search engines deliver people looking for your products or services to your website or digital marketing activities.  This Keyword Report includes a competitive comparison for words used by competitors in the market, the number of searches per month, as well as recent cost-per-click information targeted opportunities for you to build beneficial web content and plan for online marketing activities. Includes a one-hour meeting to review the findings

COST:  $300.00 | One-Time-Fee

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Competitor Analysis Report

In today’s market, your customers have choices.  Having insight on how your brand is perceived by the average user, is insightful data to identify opportunities where you can earn their business. This Competitor Analysis Report includes a Strategy Consult plus a competitive comparison for up-to three comparable businesses /products in the market and will include information about how your brand is represented in digital search .  It will include four key areas:  strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for each competitor.

COST:  $200.00 | One-Time-Fee

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PPC Ad Management

This service takes a comprehensive approach to managing your ads and includes a Strategy Consult, proper keyword research, proper set-up of your data recording, ad monitoring, keyword adjustments, custom reporting and regular meetings with you to review the results and triggers.   This service excludes the Ad budget and creation of the Ad Account which will be created using the preferred payment account of the advertiser.

COST:  $300.00 | Per Month 

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Website Analysis Report

Your website is the core to your marketing strategy and making sure it can perform independently of paid advertising, is important. This Report seeks to identify potential workflows for lead generation, SEO and is the groundwork for PPC Advertising.

COST:  $150 | One-Time-Fee

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SEO Strategies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in two forms:  Basic (Local) and Advanced (National/Global).  For Basic SEO we focus on your website being found by key search engines place emphasis on tools that use mapping programs.  National/Global SEO is more advanced and includes multiple layers of activities, most of which start with your website, page copy and key components that each page needs to have to be “SEO Ready”.  Only when these activities are done, do I recommend investing in a specific targeted strategy that identifies and seeks to rank for targeted keywords.  Due to the variety of things to be done to prepare your site for success, I recommend starting your conversation with a Strategic Consult to determine what needs to be done, and I can prepare a custom quote for your business.   

COST:  Request Quote | Start with Hourly Consult to Determine Needs

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Monthly Analytic Oversight

The benefit of digital marketing (besides the potential revenue boost of course) is the data collected, but not all data may be important for your campaigns.  This service helps you establish the correct data reporting specifically designed to give you a snapshot of your active campaigns or goals.  It involves creating the  appropriate filters to minimize exaggerated numbers, and organizes it for you in a digital dashboard that connects to your key engagement outlets and gives you the right information at your fingertips to measure the success of your marketing efforts. 

COST:  Solutions vary based on your goals and data required to measure those goals.  Use this button to schedule a free meeting to establish your needs. 

game pieces moving on a computer logic board representing a digital plan.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Plan

Exploring digital marketing?  Save time and money wasted on guessing, and get a “done-for-you” plan that guides your marketing efforts creating a focus that targets specific measurable goals and accelerates your earning potential.  This foundational package includes a detailed keyword report, a competitive analysis for up-to 3 direct competitors, and a 12-month Marketing Goals Outline with suggested keyword content focus for organic SEO and marketing strategies.  

Based on industries, budgets and the competitive nature of some markets, this service is quoted individually to meet your needs / budget capability.

COST:  To Request Quote | Start with Hourly Consult to Determine Needs