Client Reviews

“Julia Eudy is the best marketing and communication specialist I have ever worked with, and I give her my highest possible recommendation. As a past marketing/sales executive and CEO of a successful pharmaceutical company for almost twenty years, I have had the opportunity to work with many individuals and companies in this industry. Julia’s talents and insights are truly unique and have shifted my own perception of marketing, communication, and customer solutions. Copywriting is key to customer communication and marketing strategy. Julia has taught me how to more positively and effectively communicate the value of what I do, and contribute to, my prospective customers. Her communication style creates engagement by developing trust and inspiring action and sales. She has tremendous respect for how people want to be treated and the value of relationships.  Julia is very easy to work with and extremely collaborative, which is critical to me. She is an eternal optimist and is committed to making a difference in her clients’ businesses and lives, and the lives of every customer they touch. It has been my pleasure to work with Julia.”

Dr. Cohen
Founder & President
Rescue Our Kids and Conscious Activation International

“For over 40 years I managed marketing and communications professionals across the country, and I can validate that Julia is a very talented branding, marketing, and communications professional. Shortly after we met, she told me about her “dots” and I was intrigued.  It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to work with her first-hand that I had a better understanding of her thought process.  She asks some great questions that force you to get outside your own process and conceptualize the conversation from many angles including the perspective of your target audience.  She is my go-to person when it comes to developing a new process, getting the word out, or creating a branded conversation.”

F. Babcock
Retired Sales Manager Spectrum Reach (Charter Communications)
Retired President of UMMAF

“Julia is my website expert, and I love working with her. Julia’s expertise in website development, website maintenance, and resolving website issues is unmatchable. She has helped me in setting up my website, maintaining my website, and fixing issues on my website. Julia has not only helped me on my website, me she has taught me how to understand the issues with my website. Julia’s dedication to helping small business owners is greatly appreciated by many businesses in the community. If you are looking for a website expert, Julia with Golden Services Group can help you! I know you will love working with her as much as I do!”

T. McDonald

“Our organization’s previous website was outdated and not ‘user friendly’ for our families.  Julia orchestrated the development of an attractive and comprehensive website collaborating with students at St. Charles Community College, that exceeded our expectations.  She educated us on options that kept us compliant with the emerging privacy and security standards for handling data collected on minors, as well as integrated point-of-purchase options and event information on our website that made us more operationally efficient for our staff and the families we serve.  She did a great job at researching our organization and aligning our brand message to the greater Boys & Girls Club of America movement.  She even provided us with a monthly communication planner that helped us organize our marketing and communication efforts for key events held locally as well as national membership awareness campaigns and sponsorship responsibilities.  I am happy to recommend Julia.  She is very knowledgeable and creative and I found it refreshing that she took the time to get to know us, our mission, our membership, and developed solutions that truly had an impact on our reach into the community.”

L. Sanchez
Former Executive Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Charles County

“Julia and her team are awesome!  Through an Internship opportunity, she worked with a student to develop the website for our non-profit, which her family company now maintains.  Every nuance and need has a solution and Julia will always propose a solution better than the one that I call her with!  Julia is a teacher at the core and each time we talk, I learn something new so that I can be better at managing our website and traffic.  In fact, during the Pandemic, when all of our meetings and training went virtual, we had people from across the country attending our events because they found us online as a result of her SEO strategy.  She encouraged us to look at our website as an “archive” of our shared wisdom in beekeeping if not for our organization, but for the bee population which was the encouragement some of the members needed to begin blogging. In a year’s time, our membership grew by over 40% and that was exciting.”

D. Harding
Website Committee – Three Rivers Beekeepers

“I was given the choice of picking only three attributes but I picked them all. Julie has been able to help me with everything I need- marketing material and graphic design, social media expertise, technology knowledge, website design and training, sounding board, the list goes on – all in one creative, smart person. She brought her varied expertise to every project I had. I would not want to be in business without her assistance. I not only view Julie as a trusted and valued business contact, but she has also become a highly valued, very good friend.”

M. Dow
Keller Williams Real Estate

“Julia is an objective listener, highly skilled, creative, and insightful. She is patient and a visionary. She completely redesigned my brands and helped get me out of my comfort zone when it comes to technology, WordPress, and what’s necessary to market in today’s world. Hands down, without a doubt, you’re getting the very best with Julia. I will remain forever grateful!”

J. Johnson
International Trainer and Publisher
Founder of Absolute Good Training & Life Skills Management