Digital Rembranding

Due to trademarks, copyrights, and contractual obligations, the brand details were specifically omitted.  

Early in 2022, a family resort property in Southern Kentucky sold their property. They reached out to me for advice on how to best transition the existing brand to a new one without losing credibility with reviews, or search engines. The assets involved were a website, social media accounts, several valuable backlinks from local sites, listings on key rental booking sites, and a Google My Business page.

Instead of recreating the website, I worked with their customer support team at Golden Services Group, LLC, and made a few adjustments to the color scheme and branding of the existing website. Saving costs there, we focused on the Google Business page next. Again, updating the brand, we also modified the title to reflect that the name had recently changed. This left both names in the search field, so it made it easier for previous guests to notice the transition. We made a list of all the domains that were identified as having a backlink and submitted requests to those sites for those links to be updated.

In a moment of excitement, the new owners set up a new Facebook page and had already begun to attract followers and reviews to that page. I brought to their attention that the previous owners also had a page, which had a considerable amount of reviews and engagement, so we made steps to merge the two pages into one, leaving the original owner’s page as the primary for the property. I crafted an email to be sent to the list of past guests they had for the property, inviting them to come back and visit and stay tuned for property updates.

Lastly, we discussed goals and strategies to keep the property booked year-round. Typically, from Spring through early Fall, they do well for bookings, but they would like to increase their “long-term” booking as well as become less reliant on Airbnb and VRBO since their booking fees are increasing. We explored a variety of KPIs including reputation management and the process to handle reviews, website visits, and conversions from their posts or social ads.  I outlined a 12-month marketing schedule based on competitive examination as well as the activities that happened in the nearby communities that brought people into the area.

While this is still in motion, there were significant savings in web development and retention of property awareness. It generated many comments on their social media from past guests excited to see what they have in store for their favorite family vacation spot.


Julia Eudy – Digital Strategist

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Photo Credit: ©PureSolution / AdobeStock