Marketing New Technology with Old Methods

Due to trademarks, copyrights, and contractual obligations, the brand details were specifically omitted.  

I was approached by a local printer who excelled in creating printed fundraising solutions for local youth sport leagues and schools.  In an effort to improve the value of their program, they partnered with a Membership organization offering a mobile app that provided access to thousands of entertainment and travel opportunities across the USA.  While the concept of “going digital” seemed logical on many fronts, they encountered challenges with actually getting those with buying power, to convert the sale.

After reviewing the product, the offering appeared solid, so I was instinctively drawn to something with the delivery.  Either they were not meeting with the right people after all, or somewhere in their sales presentation there had to be a window of opportunity for confusion.  Upon meeting with them, I discovered, that their connections were solid, but they were selling the digital program using their old “printed cards” language and thought process.

The solution resulted in me leading a small design team to revamp their website and sales materials to both visually and verbally describe the program but also provide them with step-by-step instructions that they provided the end-users with the product, that explained how to establish their account and get them into the program.  The goal was to have the prospective customer mentally and emotionally engage themselves through the process and experience a feeling of simplicity and confidence in their families/staff being to implement and envision the potential for long-term, recurring income simply from renewal sales.

KPIs for each quarter were developed because the audience or sport changed per season.  Ad landing pages were created, and ads were created for their marketing team that held very specific conversations for identified personas.  Because goals were on target, they had an increased interest in working with “resellers” of their program.  I worked with their legal counsel to refine a “Reseller Agreement” that protected their brand investment as they pursued staff interest to share their technical and marketing system resources with some of their fundraising partners.


Julia Eudy – Digital Strategist

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Photo Credit: © Charles Taylor / AdobeStock