The Regency O’Fallon is a banquet and catering center located in O’Fallon IL, and is one of several hospitality properties managed by HMA Hotels based in the St. Louis market.  I have worked with them since 2018, continually expanding upon their marketing activities.  It started with an intial web redesign and progressed into managing regular digital marketing activities, including social media marketing, email marketing and PPC advertising to support their local sales efforts for events and catering services.  In addition to everyday personal and corporate catering, they offer seasonal “complete meal catering-to-go events” centered around key holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter and an onsite Mother’s Day Brunch that is managed by ticket sales for 4 specific time slots.

Key Activities:

  • In 2018, I worked with the client to do the competitive digital research, design and development for a website that included specific pages for ad conversations and lead collection that channeled to the appropriate staff members.  In 2022, we updated several key pages of the design to better acomodate their new catering strategy.
  • Initial web design included appropriate security and privacy standards.
  • Working with the client, we identified budgets and three specific marketing channels and target personas to focus upon on a regular basis.
  • Working within their identified budget, I help them maintain brand awareness through regular social media posts related to their identified channels.
  • I use Canva to create engaging image or video assets and use Meta Business Manager to post, schedule and manage analytics related to that activity.
  • I regularly boost PPC ads throuh social media to very targeted demographics, with the goal of filling reservations or booking events at their location.
  • To promote the catering events I regularly send out emails and manage the lists to include new leads acquired from the website or event registrations.
  • I actively manage their website analytics and have added pages, as necessary to help improve organic search results.
  • As needed, I have developed fliers and brochures to support their sales team that regularly visits local businesses and participates in chamber events.
  • I have created Press Releases and earned them exposure on the local Fox affiliate for varied events where were able or to support a cause participating in an event.
  • I am notified on online requests and Google Business Page activity for several of their properties, and ensure the appropriate staff is aware of urgent responses as needed.
  • I meet regularly with their Regional Sales manager to review activity and prepare for what needs approval or preparation based on the upcoming marketing calendar.

UPDATE: Covid was a challenge for them since in-person events were non-existant.  The entire marketing model switched to Catering and promoting their “Catering To Go” brand developed during this time.  After helping them understand the processes we neede to change on the website to support these efforts, I made changes to the website to include more “online ordering” processes for their catering options.  This included sourcing images for all their food options, and creating a custom order process that kept costs low but allowed the proper information to be directed to the right people.  This worked so well, it remained post Covid and was worked into the marketing campaigns.  I have since created a custom Marketing Portal using a white-label CRM tool that organizes everything for their entire sales, marketing and management team – from reporting, budgets, and email marketing – everything is organized and a one-stop location for key managers to find either in the office or through the mobile app.  As of 2023, we are currently running Google Ads as well as working on implementing a “book an appointment” feature that will give end users the ability to create a different type of engagement as well as advanced their sales process by taking out a couple of steps through automated delivery of information requested.


  • Each year, we have continually improved on participation in their holiday catered events.
  • 2023 was the best year for Mother’s Day Brunch.  All four bookings sold out, resulting in over $30K in sales generated.
  • Because of our consistant branding efforts and quick-pivot on the Catering To Go options, they were able to retain key staff during the pandemic and have since resumed a normal booking schedule for in-person events.