Tipton Mills is a custom blended food and beverage powder manufacturer located in the mid-west, U.S.A. They have a complete concept-to-distribution solution for brands seeking to develop powered food/beverage products. They approached me looking for an updated website that was both mobile friendly, but with more current information that better supported their marketing and fulfillment efforts. For budget management, we broke this into two phases. Phase one included the development of a new website to support their current sales and marketing efforts. Phase two was allocated for a client fulfillment portal that would support their product managers in organizing the multiple details and files related to fulfilling the client’s product launch.

Key Activities:

  • I performed a competitive research on their brand and worked with the core management team to refine the key goals and improvements to be considered to help support the exposure for their brand to support sales efforts.
  • We used that information to create a responsive website design. We specifically selected a grey-tone on imagery to help focus on the Tipton brand identity and emphasize the solutions they offered their clients. Overall, this eliminated some of the confusion on pages where other client brands were representated. It was a subtle way to keep the conversation on topic and keep the user visually engaged on what was important for them to see.
  • I organized or created all the assets needed for the project, including the site mock-up, sourced licensed or client images, worked with the client to develop or modify web copy for search optimization and user experience, and created custom forms to support lead generation that would tie into the customer journey that would be more automated in Phase 2.
  • Individual product pages were specifically created to better support marketing and advertising pages in the future.
  • I hired a sub-contractor to help complete the design and used ASANA to track a sub-contractor’s activities in completing project on time and within budget.
  • I ensured additional security measures were taken to secure their website environment, including an SSL, using a firewall plugin, adding additional code to the .htaccess document, and made sure server settings were enable for tracking intrusion attempts, for proper site managment.
  • Appropriate measures were also taken to meet privacy and web accessibility standards.
  • I worked directly with the client and their management team for revisions and applied on-page SEO techniques.
  • I launched the project making sure the site was received by key search engines and that analytics were being properly measured.
  • Monthly reporting and maintenance was also established with a partnership account.

2023 UPDATE: Phase 2 is just now in the research / outline phase of the devleopment cycle. The client took a pause to allow their sales/marketing team to engage with the new website tool while they focused on launching a partnership with an HR provider. Depending on how well that service worked for them, played a role in how much functionality they might want/need to be included in Phase 2. Since the HR partnership has worked well for managing their hiring needs, we are now going to focus on developing a branded customer portal that includes a CRM, email automation, file sharing, LMS and client collaboration tools.