Touché Controls is a US based electrical engineering firm that produces lighting control systems.  In an effort to expand brand awareness as well as grow their product line, they contracted with Neomark Digital Solutions to expand their brand awareness an utilize digital marketing to enhance their direct sales efforts.  Neomark’s strenghts was in the website and multi-media design.  As such, they worked with them to design an new website that was mobile and user friendly, and allowed for greater egagement opportunities with their visitors and to access a custom-built client portal for service and support.   They also helped create and design video and image-based assets to support digital marketing activities.  I was contracted as a Strategist to help advise the marketing lead on this project on a digital marketing campaign after the new website and client portal as launched.  My role was to help define and align their goals to a launch a PPC marketing strategy that reaches three specific market segments in targeted areas of the country.

Key Activities:

  • I performed competitive research for their brand/industry and created strategic keyword reports based on their goals and competition findings.
  • We used the keyword information to clarify content, and add additional landing pages that would help both isolate the buyer’s journey from an ad, but also provide more concise data collection based on their three user segments.
  • I helped them execute on-page SEO strategies to enhance results from organic traffic.
  • Set-up Google Analytics and Tag Manager for their site, making sure we were tracking appropriate events on their page.
  • Launched Ad campaigns on Google, YouTube and LinkedIn targeting their three user segments and specific markets.
  • Manage campaigns to add appropriate keywords, address Google recommendations and update negative keywords.
  • I have made recommendations on automation tools to help manage lead generation results from their website, and help automate some of the communication activities to strengthen brand consistency through their communications.
  • I meet monthly with the marketing lead to review reporting from ad activity, adjust the PPC stratgy as needed to expand advertising model to new markets.